Welcome to Color-Ons

Color-Ons in Mason City, IA allows anyone to create their own printed t-shirt right at home. It's as simple as color, iron and wear! All this fun activity requires is these coloring sheets (like a coloring book), that you color with any crayon on the market. Your final design is Ironed-on to any white or light colored T-Shirt . It’s a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly and risk free product for children and artistic teens and adults. Color-Ons are protected by U.S. Patents 5,419,944; 6,120,635; 6,143,115.

How It Works is as Simple as 1-2-3!

1. Color With Any Brand Of Crayon - They all work! Just about every household and school has them.

2. Easy To Iron – Use a normal household hand-iron. Color-Ons apply very easily, at home, school or anywhere.

3. Permanent Wash 50 Times - Look Terrific! Just imagine wearing your own art work everywhere you go! It will last for years so your colorful message is seen by everyone you meet, over and over again. Color-Ons are of huge value to organizations looking to maximize their exposure without the high cost of T-Shirts. Anyone who colors one cannot resist putting it on their shirt. Their pride of authorship gets them involved.

Some of Our Popular Themes Are:

  • Educational Messages
  • Anti-Programs (Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol)
  • Health (Cover Your Cough, Immunization, Dental)
  • Social Issues (Bullying, Texting, Eating, Staying Fit)

Custom Color-Ons

Get custom made Color-Ons of your organization imagery or company logo. It's an economical way to promote your brand that is fun for kids and everyone. When they get involved you’ll have walking, talking billboards at work for you! Each is unique to each user but all of them wear your message.

Get Your Free Heat Press

Color-Ons is a great activity for large groups of children at malls, fairs, summer camps and special events. If you are an organizer of such events, order 2,500 pieces and get a free heat press to imprint more quickly during the event. Call us for details.